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Elephants Foot have continuously been working behind the scenes with our clients to provide operational waste management and equipment solutions to assist new developments through the development application (DA) process. By utilising our years of industry experience, relationships and networking, we have been able to contribute in ensuring new developments comply with local government requirements on waste management.

We also recognise the importance of sustainability and the integration of environmental, social and economic facets into our core business practices. It is through this recognition which has evolved our business from a waste handling equipment company, to a market and industry leader which has the ability to influence and change sustainability practices.

Our dynamic team of Consultants focus on achieving the best possible service outcomes for our clients with healthy communities in mind and an emphasis on sustainable and efficient operations. With over 10 years’ consultancy experience, our team have fostered strong working relationships with local governments (Council’s) across Australia. This, coupled with our extensive knowledge on local, state, and federal legislation, has put us in a prime position to deliver optimal products and services to our clients.


Throughout Australia, local governments typically require an OWMP to be submitted as part of a Development Application (DA) to maintain the health, safety, and sustainability of the site for future operations.

Collectively, our team of consultants have prepared over one thousand successfully delivered OWMP’s to our clients across Australia. We have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from multi-unit residential and mixed-use developments to other commercial and industrial facilities including hotels, hospitals, and universities.

At Elephants Foot, we take a collaborative and consultative approach in working with developers, architects and local councils to achieve a customized and functional OWMP that both complies with relevant legislative requirements and meets our clients’ needs and expectations.

Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan’s are also generally a requirement of local governments (and the EPA) for DA submissions to demonstrate how the project proposes to lawfully manage waste being generated during the demolition and construction lifecycle.

Assessing each development individually, we can provide recommendations which promote strong, lawful and sustainable outcomes throughout the demolition and construction processes.

Our C & D WMP’s draw on a wide range of construction and demolition waste management guidance at the local, state, and federal levels. This results in a strategy that is both thorough and collaborative, achieving the most favourable outcome possible for all of the parties concerned.

Developed by the Green Building Council of Australia, Green Star is Australia’s first all-inclusive rating system for evaluating the performance and sustainable design of Australian buildings.

Although the Green Star rating system is a voluntary accreditation, it demonstrates leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility as well as many other benefits.

As a proud member of the Green Building Council of Australia, we can assist your organization to achieve the Operational Waste Credits for Green Star Applications.

This service can be tailored to support the Performance Pathways or Prescriptive Pathways credit option.

Our clients often require additional assistance in the early planning stages of a development to ensure the waste room design will function correctly when operational. This includes drawing the waste equipment such as chutes, compactors, bins and track systems, into the architectural plans to demonstrate a feasible and functional layout.

Through our extensive experience Elephants Foot are able to provide this supplementary service to work in conjunction with the development of our OWMP’s. Together, along with our clients, we review the architectural plans for system suitability, and provide advice and site specific drawings.

We have established ourselves as a nationally recognised leader in the operational waste management, working closely with local Councils and environmental authorities throughout Australia. The relationship we have built and maintain enables us to facilitate the efficient delivery of all information required for a successful development

If assistance is required in the form of Council/client liaison as opposed to a comprehensive OWMP, we are well placed to provide this service.

We will work with you to evaluate your current waste management performance through comprehensive on-site waste assessments. With these evaluations and assessments, we can identify what factors are contributing to the waste management issues of the building, and then provide equipment and/or operational recommendations for the most efficient and effective solutions. Expected outcomes of such evaluations and assessments can include a reduction in waste to landfill, an increase in recycling rates, and a decrease in council fees.

Although this service is not currently available, our team are currently in the process of developing this service for the future projects.

This service is currently in the early stages of development, and will incorporate stakeholder training, behaviour change strategies, and educational signage and materials.

Please contact us about how you would like to integrate any of the below services into your residential building, school, community centre, or commercial premise.

Education is one of the key contributing factors to an effective waste and recycling strategy. Our education programs aim to increase the level of understanding and participation of waste management strategies for building management, maintenance/cleaning staff.

We can assess your needs and tailor a solution specific to your development and residents. Education programs will often include a site assessment or audit to identify current waste management practices to assist in the development of behavioural change strategies and measure the success of the implemented program.

Our a range of waste educational signage and materials assist residents and staff in choosing the right disposal method of general waste and recyclables. From our experience, we understand that residential buildings have more complex waste management systems than domestic households and require site specific solutions. Our signage, along with educational materials are multi-lingual and can supports occupants of diverse backgrounds

Geared more toward building management and maintenance/cleaning staff, we can facilitate educational workshops and deliver training programs to guide staff in the best practices for waste management and how to best utilise the facilities relating to your site. These workshops can be designed toward addressing site-specific issues, attaining specific goals, and/or obtaining more knowledge for staff.

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