Compactor site risk assessment & installation checklist

Vehicle Specifications

Vehicle access: 3.8m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 10m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 7 metres
Vehicle length in operation: 17 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 22 metres

*Please note measurements are approximate as truck sizes vary. Please contact us for more information

Site name:



Site Information

Flat, levelled and solid surface:
 Yes No

Ground load limit (if applicable):

3 phase power, 5 pin socket:
 Yes No

Is there an existing compactor, rails or bin lifter on site that needs to be removed and by whom?

Compactor requirements

Compactor type:

Bin Size:

Hopper type:

Waste type:

Allowance (Min 500mm) off free area surrounding the compactor after installation:
 Yes No

Will there be large amounts of liquid in the compactor:
 Yes No

Approximate hours of operation per day:

Control box remote installation required (if applicable):
 Yes No

Loading type (hand, bin lifter, tippler bins):

Loading dock height (if applicable):

Will the compactor be undercover or exposed to the elements?
 Yes No

Bin Lifter

What size bins will be predominantly used?

How many bins average per hour?

Which side should the bin lifter door be located (left, right, back)?
Please note: 240litre bin lifter allow an extra 2m metres in length 660/1100 bin lifter allow an extra 3.2 metres in length


Operator and compactor area well lit?
 Yes No

Overhead obstructions ie; overhead wires, awning:

Clearance height?

Truck collection

Overhead obstructions ie; overhead wires, awning:

If height is less than 7 metres clearance, how much distance (metres) before full height clearance can be achieved?