120-240 Litre
Eco Weighing Bin Lifter

The ECO bin lifter records user information just like our ECO compactors.

The ECO bin lifter weighs the bin and sends all the user/transaction details to the online database. The owner can then review all transaction details including who used it, time, weights and generate basic excel reports.

This model is designed to suit 120 & 240 litre wheelie bins.

All ECO information can be accessed via any personal computer, smartphone or tablet. Android and Apple devices can download the Elephants Foot app for instant access.

The process is simple.

  1. Insert an authorised eco card into the bin lifter control panel
  2. Place bin inside the bin lifter
  3. Once outside the safety cage and the doors are closed, press start.
  4. The bin will then be weighed and tipped
  5. Once the bin is lowered, the doors will unlock and the card will be returned to the operator.
  6. All data is uploaded to our online database.
Features120-240 ECO weighing bin lifter
Lifting capacityup to 140kg
Bin compatibility120 & 240 litre bins
Operation methodAutomatic
Dimensions1300mm (W) x 2200mm (L)
SafetySafety cage & control box
Emergency stopyes
Tipping height1450mm
Suitability in tipping intobins , dumpsters and compactors
Power3 phase, 20 Amp, 5 pin, D type circuit breaker
Can it be customised?yes
Weighing & data captureyes


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