Stationary Auger

The stationary auger compactor is the optimum technology for compacting bulky cardboard and large volumes. The large filling opening and efficient intake system guarantees fast, trouble–free processing. The powerful screw shreds then compacts the cardboard into the waste container (bin) with maximum efficiency and speed. On occasions where overloading of hoppers occurs, the Auger will automatically reverse to unclog the blockage and continue compacting. Fitted with a state-of-the-art paddle system (optional), the stationary auger is then specifically designed for compacting cardboard.

  • Length of compactor without the container – 1940mm
  • Width and height without the hopper – 2190mm x 1300mm
  • Height of feed opening – 1400mm from ground level
  • Auger screw speed – 11.3 rpm
  • Filling opening W x L – 1450mm x 1450mm
  • Motor – 9kw
  • Weight (without hopper) – 2250kg
  • 900mm Auger diameter
  • Schematics included (Appendix B)
  • Magnetic bin/container sensor
  • 200m³/hour continuous processing
  • 415 volts, 3 phase, 5 pin, D type circuit breaker, 32Amp
  • ¾ and full light indicator via a light and SMS/Email alert system
  • Up to five (5) contacts for Email/ SMS monitoring system
  • Remote SMS access to the Auger compactor for speed adjustment of the auger as required
  • Digital control panel with LCD display (Appendix A)
  • Automatic lubrication system for screw bearing and drive chain (Appendix A)
  • Display notification of when the lubricant is running low
  • Compactor will be supplied with one weatherproof control panel with key start and housed in a lockable case
  • Magnetic bin/container sensor – No longer a need for the bin away plug
  • Standard hopper to suit hand-loading- 1450mm loading height from ground level

Automatic Lubrication System

All necessary lubrication points on the machine bearing / drive pinion are supplied regularly by a central, automatic lubrication system.This will aid in the reduction of service calls and compactor downtime.

Digital LCD Control Box

The compactor is supplied with a waterproof digital LCD control box. A key start function can be fitted on request. Five contact Email / SMS monitoring support system is included with this system. Remote SMS access to the compactor for speed adjustment of the auger is also a standard feature. For custom installations, a second smaller control box can be additionally fitted to the compactor as an optional extra.

Paddle for cardboard compaction (optional)

The Paddle is specifically designed for cardboard and operates on an independent drive shaft to the Auger. The advanced design of the paddle, aids in the compaction of large flat sheets of cardboard. The paddle is designed to grab and pressure the cardboard so the auger can compact with ease minimizing blockages that often occur with conventional single or double augers. On occasions where overloading of hoppers occurs, the Auger (via the control panel) can be set to reverse direction so it can unclog in order to continue compacting.


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