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Product Stewardship

Elephants Foot Waste Compactors Pty Ltd [EFWC] has established a voluntary product stewardship initiative. This initiative recognises our organisational commitment to environmentally sustainable products, including product life cycle management.

Our commitment to product stewardship is evident through our core principles of product life cycle management which shall be in line with the Product Stewardship Act 2011. We shall achieve our goals through active involvement and management of our organisation, including manufacturing partners and suppliers.

EFWC will arrange the removal of hired or obsolete equipment by its customers in accordance with our product stewardship agreement. The products will then be refurbished and re-used, disassembled for component re-use/recycle and for even on selling or donation to socially orientate / community based organisations.

EFWC shall take ownership of any products, components or materials which have been authorised for removal or under the product stewardship agreement. The refurbishment, disassembly for use/recycle, donation or resale of any products, components or materialswill be at the discretion of EFWC.

For any additional information please click below policy or program, alternatively email info@elephantsfoot.com.au

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